From my essay on spectatorship in  The Drama Review . 

From my essay on spectatorship in The Drama Review


My research examines the artistic ephemera and artworks of a set of makers throughout North America: Regina Jose Galindo, Monique Mojica, Rebecca Belmore, Lara Kramer, and Coco Fusco. Collectively, these artists are concerned with missing women, the erasure of indigenous histories, and what to do with the residues of violence. Through a series of comparative case studies, my project explores the longer genealogy of how performance artists have used their abject and body art aesthetics to address topics related to dispossession and the impacts of settler and colonial violence. These select artists ask audiences to consider the unseen—including the victims of genocide, colonized lands, and displaced persons—through the surrogate of the performer(s) in anxiety-producing or extremely vulnerable scenarios. This project integrates Indigenous and Third World feminisms, affect theory, new materialism, and performance theories in their shared concern with presence, liveness and dispossession.